"Betterment of Life by Access to Clean Water"

In 2016, the ASIAWATER Responsible Business Alliance (AWRBA) was created - an alliance group initiative by UBM in bringing together leading charities and companies from across Southeast Asia with a mission to bring clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to the underprivileged population residing in underdeveloped countries in the region.

With the AWRBA initiative, ASIAWATER is today supporting the followings CSR initiatives:


Throughout our planet, people are making access to healthy water, air and food a reality in their communities. Often labouring in isolation against daunting odds, these "Silent Heroes" empower their communities and develop sustainable, bottom-up solutions. Since 2008, WAFA has been seeking out these outstanding pioneers. A selection committee of internationally-recognised experts has certified their projects to global standards. International Awards in these events have celebrated and recognized their achievements.

In order to raise awareness and to celebrate the companies that are giving back to the communities, UBM is organising the "Hall of Fame" for the second time at ASIAWATER 2018

Is your company an advocate of change? Does your company have an existing CSR program related to water?
Submit your entries now for ASIAWATER 2018 HALL OF FAME!

Be recognised and be part of ASIAWATER 2018 HALL OF FAME!
Send your entries at [email protected].

Submission of entries is until 31 March 2018.




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